Pisani Granite Worktops

When you choose Pisani natural grnaite, you are choosing something unique. Each piece is a one-off, it is a timeless beauty and character crafted over time by nature.

The qualities and characteristics of Pisani Granite give it versatility which is unequalled. Pisani Granite can be cut, profiled and finished to whatever size or shape required and it’s strength and durability mean it will last a lifetime.


The four different Pisani Granite finishes available are:

Polished – Offers a very shiny, smooth finish. The process of polishing is by repeated application of abrasive treatments, giving it the clean modern effect.

Honed – A honed finish refers to any level that is less than polished and therefore the surface is smooth but dull or slightly reflective, leaving a different feel to the stone.

Leathering – Leathering starts with a honed surface and adds texture. Our diamond head brushes push the softer parts of the stone down and closes the pores of the stone to retain the colour. This finish leaves the stone with a leathered textured feel (hence the name!), where the harder parts of the stone are raised.

Lusso – We leather the stone first but then use polishing blocks to give the raised parts of the stone a polished finish. Therefore, achieving a very unique finish and feel.